Nick Marshall-McCormack

TV Presenter & Journalist

What I do...

What I Do

I host the BBC's flagship Sport Today programme, broadcasting out of the UK with an audience of 100 million viewers worldwide. I'm a journalist with a wealth of experience in news and sport, earned over a career spanning more than 18 years in the industry. I have a passion and commitment to living the story so I can deliver all the facts with the right tone and compassion, along with a unique blend of sincerity and humour. I cut my teeth at C7 sport in Australia before securing a full-time Reporter role with Channel 7 News in 2005. I covered NRL and AFL Grand Finals as well as reporting on the Wallabies, Waratahs and Sydney Swans, as part of my regular rounds. I covered multiple Sydney Hobart Yacht races reporting on Wild Oats XI record breaking successes. In 2009, I moved to Europe to travel the continent and became Channel 7's European Correspondent where I covered Royal engagements, Julian Assange's extradition trial, Anzac Day commemorations in France and the Robert Hughes extradition court case, amongst others. In 2013, I secured a full-time Presentation role at the BBC, broadcasting on BBC domestic and World platforms as well as slots on BBC World Service Radio. I have covered multiple summer Olympics in Sydney, Beijing, London and Rio where I also reported on the Paralympics and hosted the UK National Lottery balls release, from Rio. I broadcasted Live from the Ryder Cup in Minnesota in 2016. I am also a highly skilled shoot edit video journalist, as well as being proficient in the set-up of LiveU equipment for immediate solo broadcast. In 2011, I directed and presented the documentary 'Personal Reset' in Peru.

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Blurb About Me

I'm a proud Australian, born and bred, in Sydney. I'm one of four kids which my mum and dad raised in Sydney's north-west. I moved to the United Kingdom in 2009 and fell in love with the people and the incredible countryside. In 2017, I swore allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II and became a dual citizen. I married my gorgeous wife Anna in Sydney's Botanic Gardens in 2015. She gave birth to our beautiful son Jack in 2017.


Other Interests

In my spare time...

When I'm not working I love a good renovation project. I have a passion for architecture and landscaping and I'm happy knocking down a wall or building a garden bed.


I love watching golf and I love playing golf! I always tee-off the first hole thinking, this will be a good walk 'unspoiled'! Unfortunately that's not always the case...


I am very lucky to be able to travel to some unique and amazing places with my work but living in Europe has also given me the opportunity to see some amazing places and people. I'm so passionate about travelling and learning about different cultures. Next on the bucket list are west coast USA and Scandinavia.


From the moment I reported on the Sydney Hobart Yacht race, I fell in love with sailing. I'm a qualified bareboat skipper and have sailed around Corfu and Croatia, with the dream to one day, sail across the Pacific Ocean.


My dad Brian passed away in 2016 with blood cancer but his courageous fight to live on while he was still with us, inspired so many people around him. He always wanted to "beat the bastard" so I hope I can help raise awareness to help dad's wish and eradicate the disease once and for all.